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PDF Error 507:507

asked on October 23, 2018

Hi All,


Has anyone seen this error before?

This happens when opening a PDF in Laserfiche, it also doesn't show in the preview pane.


You can drag and drop the PDF to the desktop and it opens fine from there in Adobe Reader DC. This happens for multiple users.


Seems whatever component LF uses to open and display PDF's is missing or corrupt.


Will continue to dig...


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replied on October 23, 2018

Hi Chris,

This appears to be an Adobe error. Have you tried the suggestions offered on the various web sites where people have reported it? Click here.

It seems like uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader addresses the matter. Alternatively, you can try using another free PDF viewer like Foxit. Make it the default PDF application in Windows and see if that works around the current problem.


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