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Laserfiche Workflow Templates Available for On-Premises and Cloud

posted on October 15, 2018 Show version history

Jump-start workflow design efforts and learn how to automate common workflows using workflow templates!  

Laserfiche has released workflow templates for both on-premises and cloud customers.

Each template is a fully functional workflow that automates a generic use case and requires minimal configuration to run out of-the-box. Documentation is also included to explain how to use each template.

Some templates run behind the scenes to organize a repository, and others drive processes that interact with users. Templates include:

  • Approve or Deny
  • Create Shortcut
  • Email Entry That Was Created or Changed
  • Metadata Syncing
  • Rename and Move
  • Repeat Routing for Approval
  • Schedule Approval
  • Notify Project Team (cloud only)
  • Business Process Steps (on-prem only)
  • Email Signers (on-prem only)
  • Link Relevant Entries (on-prem only)


Download the workflow templates today!

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replied on October 17, 2018

Brandon - VERY impressive how Laserfiche and its staff continue to roll out helpful aids in product use and adoption.  Well done!  

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