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Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of the Laserfiche Cloud Q4 update.

posted on October 12, 2018 Show version history

This release brings new enhancements to the process automation capabilities within Laserfiche Cloud. 

The new features are:

  • Automatically apply bulk annotations such as highlights, redactions, strikethroughs, and underlines across documents processed through workflows
  • Read barcodes off of documents as part of automated workflows to better streamline document capture


Additionally, customers will be able to purchase Participant User licenses, which provides users with read-only repository access as well as rights to submit forms and participate in business processes.


To learn more about Laserfiche Cloud and process automation features, check out the resources below:


**We also have published eight fully functional process automation workflow templates that automate common processes. These provide hands-on learning as well as starting points for your own workflow designs.**

Download the workflow templates here and learn more about the templates here.

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replied on August 12, 2021

Is there any idea of when, and if, we are going to have the barcode read on Workflow On-Premise?


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