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Extract Laserfiche Data to Excel via query/data source

asked on October 10, 2018 Show version history

Question relating to Laserfiche I am wanting to get data straight from the Laserfiche repository either directly in Excel using the Data Source/Power Query area, without having to run reports inside Laserfiche and manually export them to Excel.


Is this possible and how do I set it up? The report I currently manually use simply exports field text/values from document meta-data that we have keyed in.

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replied on October 11, 2018 Show version history

You can attach to the repository database and directly query the metadata. I would recommend creating a read-only database user for that purpose.

If you want a scheduled export of data based on searches, using Workflow, you might give Jason's answer here a look.

If you can describe a little bit about what you need to report on, we can help with specific queries.

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