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Instance Blocked

asked on October 10

we have an instance in Laserfiche Forms that presents the status "blocked", it can not be entered to see the activities or mark any option.

This instance continues to generate email alerts to participating users, some idea of how to solve it?




replied on October 10

Does the instance have a suspended task in the tasks section? If so, can you see why the task was suspended either in the front end or in the event viewer?

replied on October 11

it does not appear as suspended instance, it is shown as blocked, it does not give the option of being able to see in the event viewer for what reason it gave error

replied on October 11

Ah, I mistranslated. That task is locked, meaning the form has been submitted but it is still waiting to be processed by the routing engine. Are other submissions going through? Is your routing engine up and running? 

replied on October 16

Are other submissions going through? Only that instance has the incidence 

Is your routing engine up and running? Yes, Laserfiche forms routing is working without any problem

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