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Multiple Repositories Pros & Cons

asked on September 24, 2018 Show version history

In a City setting would it be better for each department to have their own repository or is it better to have the departments under one repository? What are some Pros & Cons of having multiple repositories? Can you link documents between repositories?

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replied on September 24, 2018

Here are a few considerations - If you are using Rio so have unlimited repositories, it does make you look at your system architecture differently than if you had Avante and one repository. 

With multiple repositories, you'll also have multiple security settings as well as multiple metadata setup as each repository is unique. 

With one repository you can use the folder entry access settings to secure who can access the folders and documents and you only have one set of metadata (which can become quite large).

If you are using Rio and have Federated Search it will allow a user to search multiple repositories if they have access to the repositories, but there is not a way to link documents between multiple repositories.

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replied on September 24, 2018 Show version history

Adding to Craig's comments, I think it takes a lot to justify multiple repositories because departments may share access to specific resources.

As an example, HR may allow employees or managers to view specific parts of an employee file, or Fiscal may have documents shared with HR, etc.

If you configure permissions correctly, a subfolder for each department wouldn't be much different from a separate repository from the end user's perspective, and it really simplifies management.

If you can avoid maintaining fields/templates, permissions, maintenance, and volumes for separate repositories, then it will make life easier.

Our initial LF environment was set up with 7 repositories, but we consolidated them down to 3 and it was a big improvement even with one of them containing more than 50 million documents.

If you plan to use Single Sign On for WebLink, then a single repository makes life much easier because you can set that as the default; if you have multiples then you'd need to have different links, or make the user choose a repository.

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replied on May 14, 2019 Show version history

Craig, care to share what you learned in terms of maintaining optimal performance on that repository database for that 50 million document repository?

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replied on December 19, 2022

Is there any advantage in having multiple repositories considering disaster recovery?

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replied on December 19, 2022

Can you clarify what you mean with regard to multiple repositories and disaster recovery?

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replied on December 20, 2022

From a DR perspective, the main difference is that the data will be split across multiple smaller sql databases instead of all being in a single larger one. This may mean faster backups and less disruptive restores. Given how rarely you would perform a restore, I wouldn't think this would be a deciding factor - as long as you can meet your RPO and RTO with the chosen solution.

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