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Linking variables in forms report

asked on September 14, 2018

Hey all,

I created 2 processes in Laserfiche Forms in order to test how linking variables work. Each process contains one Form with 2 single line fields each. I gave one common variable name for 2 single fields in the different forms.

Linking both variables in the report section was done correctly but when trying to see the actual report's result am seeing "two" columns for the linked variable.

Is there any possible way that i can output one single column for the linked variable ?  



sdsf.png (123.47 KB)
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replied on September 14, 2018

Hi Joseph,


Yes, there is a way to output one single column for the linked variable.

In report configuration page, summary data column section, you can add a new row and in the column drop down there will be an option for the linked variables. I attached an example below and hopefully this will help :) 







linked_var.png (28.09 KB)
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replied on September 17, 2018

Thank you Fangzhou for your answer.

I had a complete different understanding of the problem. It was solved right after i posted this question and forgot to follow up my question.

Appreciate it!

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