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Create More Disk Space

asked on September 13, 2018

Hello everybody,


I have a question and maybe you can help me, client have one storage disk of 800 GB (less than 100 GB free, they feed the system aprox. 2 GB data per day), the disk only have Laserfiche Repositories

1 Online
1 Offline (Repository is offline but still attached in Laserfiche Administration Console)

Client wants to free up disk space to allow more documents, install another disk is not a solution right now, is there any way to shrink size of the data stored or create more storage?

Also Client and I were thinking if there's a way to zip the AUDIT rollover files from past years and attach them if needed again (I know the only way is to delete them), but not sure if we copy and zip the files we can attach them later to the Administration Console.

Or create pages for those pdf files that doesn't have and remove all electronic files?

Is there way to zip / compress the offline repository and still have it registered in the Administration Console?

Or what would it be the best way to create some extra space in disk?





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replied on September 14, 2018

Hi Amir,


The bulk of the storage within Laserfiche is all around the Laserfiche volumes. It's important to note that the Laserfiche volumes do not have to reside on the same server as the LF Application, they can be anywhere on the network, as long as they are accesible via a UNC path.


If you are looking to free up disk space on the server I would concentrate volume management as a first option, I've attached a useful white paper on volumes and how to tackle this.


As for the audit logs, you could in theory zip up some older logs and leave them in the same folder, or move them somewhere else and re-instate them if you require them for reporting. It's importnant to note that within Laserfiche audit trail, the Logs in the repository folder are loaded into SQL for reporting, so as long as the date range is accessible here, you will be able to load and report on this in SQL. You may not need to have all the logs there, maybe only the last 12 months or so.


On the flip side of the coin, the other option would be to clean up documents in Laserfiche which have reached the end of their life, are no longer required or are duplicates.


Overall disk space and HDD's are much cheaper now than they were 10 years ago for example, if you're talking about TB's of data I would look to split this across multiple servers, but if you're only looking to firefight with a GB here and there, I would simply invest in more HDD's, or cleanup the data you have.


Hope this helps!



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replied on September 14, 2018

Thanks Chris,


After a call with pre-sales team they confirm me we can move/zip the rollover logs.

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