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Limit the Multi-line field to no return key OR output HTML text?

asked on September 13, 2018

Hi, I am collecting multi-line text that really should be formatted nicely but SQL will only take either no formatting or HTML formatting (with tags like <br>). 

Is there a way to limit the multi-line field to no enter (return) key OR is there a way to allow multi-line to have list items, returns, bold, italics...(the basics, nothing crazy)?



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replied on September 13, 2018

In Forms 10.4, we will be adding a new field type for rich text. This Rich Text Field will allow you to format your text using bold, italics, strike through and underline, you can use bulleted or numbered lists, justify the text to one side, even change the font size and add links. 

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replied on September 14, 2018

Thanks Jared, but is there a way in 10.2 to limit the input to no return keys in the multi-line field? 

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