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Business Process Rule - Template Name Starts With Drop-down

asked on September 13, 2018

In Workflow (, I am trying to create a Business Process Rule where the template names start with a certain value (in this case "AP-").  While I have the option to choose Template Name starts with for a condition, it requires me to pick the value from a drop-down. 

The only way I have found around this is to temporarily create a fake template with the name I want the rule to watch for, set up the condition for this fake template, and then remove that fake template.  

What is more interesting is that after setting up this fake template and then deleting it, the drop-down is now editable.  This makes it now function like the template drop-down in conditional starting rules.

Has anyone else found a way to set up a start rule on a Business Process so it looks at what the template names start with but without having to build a fake template to use in the drop-down?  It would be nice if it whenever you pick "starts with", "ends with", or "contains" for the template name it would either:

  1. Make the drop-down editable like it is in conditional starting rules
  2. Become a text box
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replied on September 13, 2018

Thanks for reporting it. We'll look into it for the next version.

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