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Update Discussions to 10.3.1- Get message: The Full Text Search Catalog must be updated to a newer format that is compatible with current version of Discussions

asked on August 27, 2018



We updated one of our customers to 10.3.1 and updated Discussions as well.


We are having some issues with LFFTS spiking the CPU and during my investigation I wanted to look at Discussions and when I opened the Discussion Config page, I received a pop-up telling me to update the Full text Search catalog to a new Format. (Screenshot attached)

I know how to Delete and Create a new Search Catalog, following the steps outlined in the LF Admin Guide-

I am just not sure of how to update a Search Catalog.

Appreciate any assistance,

Jeff Curtis


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replied on October 3, 2018

I worked with LF Support and had to move the customer to 10.2.0 and functionality was returned


Jeff Curtis

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replied on August 28, 2018 Show version history

You can click "OK" and it will update the catalog that Discussions uses.  Then click "Save" on the page.

Also, since you're upgrading, please make sure to visit the Database tab to see if you get prompted to update the database.  If you are prompted, please click "OK" and hit "Save."

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replied on August 30, 2018

Thanks Winfong,


I will check with the customer on this.



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replied on September 26, 2018

Hello Winfong,

I was able to finally connect with the customer to look at this.


I was able to update the Database.


When I went to click OK, to update the full search catalog and click save changes, I received this error:

Invalid catalog status for the operation for the search catalog Discussions.


Do I need to have the customer re-index their search catalog or do they need to delete the search catalog, create a new one and then re-index?



Jeff Curtis

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