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Can you restrict duplicate submission?

asked on August 8, 2018

We would like to have some employee tests in forms. Is there a way to restrict submission only once per ip address? This would at least keep someone from sitting down and doing the test repeatedly on the same device. 

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replied on August 8, 2018

If this isn't anonymous, I would have a 2-step verification built in at the start of the test.

--Could use DOB and Employee ID

When verified fill hidden field with the 0 or 1 from DB column, 0 being they haven't taken and 1 they have.

If 1, then you can hide all and show message they've already taken test.

If 0, they take test and store in a database for user and set column value to 1 from 0.


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replied on August 9, 2018

It is not anonymous, but that would still allow 1 device to take tests for multiple people. Every employee is issued an iPad, and they could take the test on their own device. I like the database lookup to hide all in it has a 1 count, and i could add the ip to the database. 

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replied on August 9, 2018

How can you increase the count in the database?

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replied on August 9, 2018

When the user submits the form.  Invoke a workflow.

When running SQL Queries, I tend to like Try-Catch to monitor any possible disconnect from the SQL Server.  I track all the information and send an Email to myself to know a failure needs my attention.

The Query is straight forward.  I like to do a row check within my query as this will only index once if the row does not exist.  This helps avoid any duplicates.

UPDATE Table1 SET (TestTaken=1) WHERE UserName='@SomeValue' and DOB=@SomeDate
    INSERT INTO Table1 (UserName, DOB, TestTaken)
    VALUES (1, '@SomeValue', @SomeDate)


If you are controlling your submits from the Form level, your workflow can just write the 1.

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