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Is there a way for a Forms user set a due date on one of their tasks and have a reminder sent?

asked on August 8, 2018

I have a "Website Change Request" form that gets assigned to a Forms user who is in charge of our website maintenance.  Due to the nature of some requests, she needs to be able to manage the due dates herself, rather than have Forms set an arbitrary date.  She would like to be able to set a due date and then have Forms automatically remind her of that task.  Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this would be appreciated.  At this time, I am thinking of adding a field to her version of the form that is a "due date" field, and add a third submission option button titled "Re-schedule".  The outflow of that option would be for forms to re-assign the task back to her with a due date matching the "due date" field she completed on the form when it was initially assigned to her.  If anyone has a better suggestion, I am certainly open to ideas!


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replied on August 8, 2018

What about something like I've shown below. You have your user task (Approval in this case) where your user can set the due date. If the due date is set and Re-schedule is clicked, the task is routed to the gateway and then back to the same user task as you mentioned with the newly set due date. You can also use the due date to set a timer catch event to trigger 1 day before the due date. This boundary catch event would send an email to the person as a reminder and then end. Once the task is completed, it would go straight through the gateway. 

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replied on August 9, 2018

That is exactly what I was hoping for!  Thank you so much.

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