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Audit Trail Machine Tag

asked on July 16, 2018

When running an Audit Trail report and looking under the Application Name column, it shows a MachineTag value along with the application name, such as Laserfiche web client What is the machine tag?

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replied on July 16, 2018

The Laserfiche server records the client machine and application for each operation.  For an application like Web Access, this would mean recording the same values for every user.  In an attempt to help distinguish the different end users, Web Access stores a "machine tag" in a cookie and records that value.

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replied on May 5, 2020

Hi Brian,

So you mean that the "Machine Tag" is a random generated unique string saved for each user session? or it is something related to the user's machine itself ? in other words, if same user browse LF through Web Access from the same machine but through different browsers, Audit trails will save different "machine tags" ?


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