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asked on June 13, 2018

Does anyone know what advanced courses will be available at Empower 2019?  I am looking for super advanced labs for Forms and Workflow that dive deeper.  I understand that it is difficult to dive deep into a subject in only 1 hour.  Please consider have super advanced labs that are 2-3 hours long with a small bio-break in between.  I have attend the last four years.  This past year it seemed like the advanced courses for users weren't all that advanced or geared for individuals with a computer science degree.  I would like to see labs that explore subjects like... Building Complex Forms Business Processes, Building Workflows that Use Enterprise Integrations, How to Use an Excel Spreadsheet as a Mini Database to Populate Fields to Create a More Dynamic Form, etc.  At this point I am waiting to see what classes will be available before I am able to justify the cost of registration and travel expenses.

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replied on June 13, 2018

Hi Vanessa, 

I don't have all the details yet, but it's like you read our mind. We are indeed looking into longer sessions with bio breaks for exactly this reason. More details on that when we've had things finalized, but this is exactly a concern we've had as well.

Thanks also for some specific suggestions, I'll pass them along to the course content team!

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