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Viewing Rights with Multiple Security Tags

asked on June 12, 2018

Good Afternoon,

I did a little searching and didn't see an answer.  Wondering if anyone can give me some insight.

I am using security tags to restrict who can see certain documents.  Wondering if there is some type of hierarchy or override where multiple tags are concerned.

Tags are applied based on what fund the documents are in.  The Fund is a multi-value metadata field.  For example, I have a document that has both fund 805 and fund 814 in the metadata.  For this I would have 2 security tags on the document (for for each fund). 

My question is what happens when someone who is not allowed to see fund 814  but is allowed to see fund 805 tries to view the document.  Would they still be able to view it because it has the tag for 805?  Or would the fact that it has the 814 tag (which the shouldn't see) override it and stop them from seeing the document?


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replied on June 12, 2018 Show version history

HI Jennifer,

Security tags are all or nothing. If a document is tagged by two different security tags, a user must possess access to both in order to access the document. Fundamentally, they are best thought of as restrictive-only security. Adding more further restricts access. 

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