asked on June 12

Hi all,


I have some difficulties to get what I want from a collection.

I have a form with collection and in this collection, some fields are hide/show.


When my form is saved into laserfiche, the fields don't respect the order.

Look the example below please.

I have 5 collections.

1st and 2nd don't have the field "Format"

In my Metadata, for the field "Format" I have only 3 values (A3, A4, A3), why don't I have the blank value for the 1st and the 2nd collection? Something like that : "blank", "blank", A3, A4, A3.

I'm trying to explode each collection but because of that, my result is false because it return something like that :

1. Router - A3

2. Ecrans - A4

3. MFP - A3

4. MFP -

5. MFP -


How can I resolve this?


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