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Dynamically disable formula

asked on June 12, 2018 Show version history

I have a field that is using a formula to be filled in.  In some cases I would like to manually fill the field in and not have the formula do it.  Is there a way to dynamically disable the formula if a checkbox is checked?


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replied on June 12, 2018

Your Fields formula would have to have an IF statement to not do the Calculation if the box was checked, but instead fill the field with nothing. The form is still running just returning a NULL value.

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replied on June 12, 2018

Thanks Steve, that helped!  Man I love this forum and guys like you, so helpful!  I didn't really disable the formula.  Here are some quick notes for others future reference:

To reference check boxes in an IF formula, or any other formula, the syntax is CheckBoxVariableName.NameOfBoxChecked

In my case the Check Box's Variable was ForcePassFail and I had two option to check: PASS, and FAIL.

The syntax for the IF is IF(test, pass_result, fail_result)

Here is my IF Statement:

=IF(ForcePassFail.PASS,"PASS",IF(ForcePassFail.FAIL,"FAIL", LotsOfOtherNestedIFs))

Which in pseudo code is: IF the ForcePassFail.PASS box is checked make this field "PASS", IF the ForcePassFail.FAIL box is checked make this field "FAIL, otherwise run lots of other nested if statements that I have.

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