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How to update the record through the form.

asked on June 12, 2018

I’m using an existing workflow to start a form, and populate fields. The workflow will be scheduled to run once a month. To test it, I start it from workflow designer. It gathers the information I am requiring and then passes it on to fields in a form. Next, user gets an email from forms advising them of a task waiting on them. They can then go to the form and choose to approve or decline the records. Once completed, the user will submit the form, with the hopes of the metadata getting updated.

Now for my dilemma. The main piece of information that I am looking for to be updated is the approval field to either say approved or denied for each record. Instead, what I am getting is a form that has the metadata of either approved or denied. My actual records that are being returned in the table are not getting updated.

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replied on June 12, 2018

Hi Demetris

In you workflow diagram you are trying to use the exclusive Action to split your table but that will not work. After the first user task you need to have a Service Task, this is where your conditions will be.In your LF Service Task Workflow, you will Retrieve Content for the Table fields in the Form, then run a loop, for each row, and then have your logic as to whether that row is Approved or Denied, on each side of your condition, Approved / Denied you would use the Entry ID with FindEntry and Assign the field values for that entry.

If you were using the Save to Repository for something other than saving a copy of the form, you don't need to as the documents already exist in the repository and you are just referencing them.

Also, I noticed in your screenshot that the EntryID value was 0 which tells me that field is not populated correctly as it must be greater than 0. To know your documents entryID, you can right click on a document in the repository an choose properties 

Hope this helps


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