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LF Forms reports custom css or javascript

asked on May 23, 2018 Show version history

Don't think this functionality exists in Forms Custom Reports, but would be nice to apply custom css or javascript to the report to add additional functionality such as custom coloring based on status or user reordering of rows or even more advanced stuff such as pulling in relational data and displaying on row click. Is this on the roadmap for forms? Is there a known workaround/hack for this currently?

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replied on May 25, 2018

Hi Chris,


Thanks for the feedback! Reporting and Analytics team is developing a new tool for building custom report which will enhance the capability and customizability for custom reports. This is in our road map for cloud based solution in Q3 2018 and will come to the on-prem version after that. Please feel free to let us know your specific use cases and features you would like to see in the new version. 



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replied on May 23, 2018

We store all reporting data in a SQL database and then report on it from there. I have found the out of box reporting tools in Forms to be a little tedious. Not so much for myself, but for my users. 


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