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Laserfiche Web Client - Name Column

asked on May 16, 2018



Is there any possible way to change the position of the Name column in Laserfiche Web Client. We are currently using:


Laserfiche Web Client    10.2 (

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replied on May 16, 2018

For some reason there is a restriction in the Web Client. It can only be moved in the Windows Client. I can't stand the Name column showing right where it demands focus. It causes confusion around a column that has no significant data.

The name field used to be where metadata was stored in Windows environments. Back then we had no where else to put our own data regarding our documents. It is a terrible place to put metadata though because there is no accountability, organization, or definition. It's nice to pull in the original document name for uploads, but I wish we could control the display location like we can in the Windows Client.

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