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Backup Methods

asked on May 16, 2018


We are a City who is trying to figure out what our backup method should be. We were quoted on a backup software from an outside company, but I'm wondering if there is any secure way to do this in house? I just want to make sure all of the files AND the metadata can be retrievable. We are currently just storing the files themselves on Amazon Drive.

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replied on May 16, 2018

The bare minimum that you must get backed up are the Repository location, Volume locations, and LF DB(s).  You may also want to back up your Laserfiche license files so that you have them if you need to deactivate/reactivate.  I normally do not bother backing up the search Catalog, but that is another set of files you may wish to backup.

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replied on May 16, 2018

This resource may help.

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Something to keep in mind is that backing up the files on disk and the database are two separate processes. This means that it's possible that your metadata and filesystem could get out of sync. It's not an insurmountable issue, but it's one to be aware of. The worse that can happen is that you have pages for which there are not documents, and vice versa. The closer you can keep the backups in sync, the better.

Our database is backed up every hour, and we take diffs of the file system every hour. In a recovery scenario, we'll take the newest set that enables us to restore the file system and apply transaction logs to match. If the database has a more recent backup, we'll check to see which documents have no pages, and use that information to know what we possibly lost. We don't mind documents with no pages, but we'd like to avoid pages sitting out there with no matching documents.

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