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Incorrect syntax near ''

asked on May 15, 2018

My client recently installed forms on their server for the first time. Everything configured correctly but when they go to the tasks page after logging in they get a "Laserfiche Forms has encountered an internal error. please try again. [LFF500-InternalError]".

The page doesn't seems to have an issue other than that banner error showing up everytime. Looking in the event logs we see an error "Message: Incorrect syntax near 'OFFSET'. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AS'."

They are running SQL 2008 R2 which meets the requirements for Forms 10.3, so I am not exactly sure why they are getting this message.


Has anyone else experiencing this issue before? Thanks for any insight!

ErrorinForms.PNG (42.82 KB)
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replied on May 16, 2018

Hi Ricardo, 

This was an issue with Forms 10.3.1 and your specific version of SQL. We have a hotfix for it, just contact support and they will provide it. It will also be fixed in the soon to be release 10.3.1 update which has some other fixes if you'd rather wait for that. 

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