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Feature Request - "Connection Profiles" in Forms

posted on April 25, 2018

A customer just asked me to submit this as a feature request.


They have several hundred users, and several hundred Forms processes.  Many of their users are Process Creators in Forms, but they are running into bottlenecks when creating Forms processes, because they need to get IT to create the Repository Connection for them in their Save to Repository activity.  They don't want their users configuring the Save To Repository activity to use their own LF account, they want a generic user account (called "Forms", or something similar), but they don't necessarily want the users to have the credentials for that account.


What would be helpful is if they had saved "Connection Profiles", like what we currently have in Workflow, which the users could then select from a drop-down when they create their Save to Repository activity.


Is this feature something that is already being considered?




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replied on April 25, 2018

Thanks for the request and yes, we have heard this request before. I'll add this post to the previous request. 

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