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API to upload documents & Metadata to Laserfiche

asked on April 15, 2018


Are APIs (.Net, Java, Web Service, etc.) available for uploading documents along with metadata to Laserfiche?

One of our customer is in the Banking space and they want to automate a credit application process. They only want to use LF for filing document. They use a different application for the credit application process but when the application is completed, they wants to file documents & metadata to Laserfiche using APIs.

They are not keen to use Import Agent because they want to build interfaces on their current solution that provides feedback about whether the upload was success or not.

I have a feeling that the API is available but do not have any info on that end. I understand that API documentation is licensed but can someone please provide me some info that demonstrates to a developer that API integration is possible.

Thanks in advance.

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replied on April 16, 2018

The Laserfiche SDK is what you want, it has .NET and Java support.

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