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Is there a way to populate a table with a set?

asked on April 13, 2018

If I am using a Laserfiche form that has a table and I am storing the data from the table in a database. Is there a way  to populate a table in another form with the same data that was stored. Would the data from the table need to be saved into the database as a set or would each line in the table need to be its own column? Also to add this would need to be a dynamic table that does not have a fixed amount of lines. 

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replied on April 14, 2018

Hi Cristobal

Each field from the Table needs to be a field in the Database. You may need to also add a key field for the new form to recall the same data. In the new form the lookup, you would check the "add row" next to the fill value to have it dynamically add the rows. you can change the table properties from Fixed Rows to variable or just to Append.

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