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Template vs field rights?

asked on April 13, 2018

We have Registrar office who has a lot of student files that some other departments, like Financial Aid, need to see. If within the Registrar's template security I remove fields to Financial Aid, then they can't see those fields on their own template.

What is the best way to manage this? They have template permissions and drill down permission but most of the time they just use the search.

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replied on April 13, 2018 Show version history

Having template rights does not automatically grant rights to the field or vice versa.  Users must have rights to both.  You can easily see/set these rights in the admin console:

In this example of template security, the selected group does not have access to the "Airport - Demo" template.  However it does have access to the "Account Number" field because that field is used elsewhere by the group. 

That long list of trustees is everyone that has access to the template, or one of its fields.

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replied on April 16, 2018

So can a user, with access to Account Number field but no access to Airport-Demo template, search by account number and find a form with the template he/she doesn't have permission to?

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replied on April 16, 2018

No.  You won't get any search results from folders/documents to which you don't have access rights.


Think of it from the opposite point of view, if you have rights to a document but not its metadata you'll see the image without any template or field data.Document rights are (usually) inherited from the folder it resides in. 

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