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Announcing the release of Laserfiche 10.3.1

posted on March 30, 2018 Show version history

Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche 10.3.1 which includes a variety of updates to Laserfiche Server, web client, Windows client, Forms, Federated Search, Laserfiche App, and Import Agent. These updates include new features, as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements.

New feature highlights include:

  • A new subscription license type, “Process Users,” which provides full privileges to design, edit, and monitor processes, as well as read-only access to view documents in the Laserfiche repository
  • Scheduling and automated sharing of custom reports in Laserfiche Forms
  • Expanded Federated Search capabilities, where users can search across any website that an administrator specifies and can access
  • Automatic syncing of online and offline form and task drafts with the Laserfiche App


Laserfiche 10.3.1 Resources:


Download Laserfiche 10.3.1 using the links below:

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replied on April 4, 2018

I noticed that the Laserfiche Server itself does not have a 10.3.1 upgrade. Is there going to be one?

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replied on April 4, 2018

There are minor bug fixes included in the 10.3.1 Laserfiche Server installation package. There are no new features. 

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replied on April 4, 2018

Is there a List of Changes article that shows what bug fixes are included?

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replied on April 4, 2018 Show version history

All the change list articles are linked from 'Release information for Laserfiche 10.3' link above, to consolidate them in one place. 

(Which I just renamed to be hopefully a bit clearer). 

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replied on April 9, 2018

I noticed in the Laserfiche Web Client you can now send Web Client links when sending an email from the client. Are there plans to also add the ability to send WebLink links?

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