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FEATURE REQUEST: Assign user access to forms processes when user is created

asked on March 13, 2018

Hi All, 


I am not sure if this has ever been mentioned or discussed, but wanted to know if the below is possible? 

When creating a Participant user, is it possible instead of having to go to each Form and assign the user access to the Form, to have a global option on the user to select which forms they can be part of? 


As in, once the user is created, to have an option on the side to say "Select which Process you would like to give access to" and it could be just a check box on the all the forms created? 


This is something I believe would be very beneficial for both Participants / Full users? 




Thank you


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replied on March 13, 2018

Hi Ziad,

How are you creating the participant user? LF participant or is it a part of AD sync? If AD, can you create an AD group and place that user in the group while making sure the AD group is a part of the forms process? Would this work for you?

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replied on March 13, 2018

Hi Aaron,


These users are not part of AD, they are users created manually. Even though, if that would be the case, we will then need a couple of groups then as each user has different forms they can see. If they are all part of that same group, it may not be feasible. 


Thanks Aaron,


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