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Resetting the initiator of a form

asked on March 12 Show version history


I have a workflow that uses an "Invoke Business Process" activity, and initially we had decided that we were going to set the Initiator to be the Workflow System Account. Then  we set some parameters in the "Starting Variable Values" screen to pass a keyword that contains a Team name.

Back in forms, the process kicks off and we assign the process to the team using the "A team based on a variable" setting in the User Task.

Now we realize that when a person picks the task, and submits the form, in order for the next form to work, it would have to be set to a team as well or to a person, as you would normally assign.

User Case:

For simplicity purposes let's say that we have a business process with 10 User Tasks.

The process can be kicked off manually by submitting a form. 

Each of the User Tasks is assigned to the initiator.

Now we incorporate a workflow to also be able to kick off the process.

We decide that the first User Task will be assigned to a Team instead, the team varies.

When a person submits the form, it is assigned to a Team. Then the next User Task is assigned to the initiator.



When the workflow kicks off the business process, the initiator is the workflow system account, but that does not matter, because a team is assigned to the first User Task automatically.

When an user picks up the task, this person can now submits the form.

The second User Task wants to assign it to the initiator, which is the workflow system account.


How can we switch the initiator to be the person submitting the first form instead of the workflow system account?

Thank you,

Raul Gonzalez

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replied on March 13

Hi Raul,

There is no way to change "initiator" of an instance except editing database directly.

In your case, can you add a variable for keeping the first user task submitter's username/the initiator's username if it's not Workflow, and use that variable for assigning user tasks, instead of using initiator variable?

You can add different field with default value {/_currentuser} on starting form and user task form to capture the current user's username, and calculate the actual user to assign task using formula on the user task.

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