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Limiting template field list values based on previous field selection

asked on March 12 Show version history

I am creating a template that has a Department field (list type).  I want to add a Bureau field (also a list), but I only want values to show up based on what was selected for the Department field.  Is this possible in templates?


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replied on March 12

It requires a database table so that the values can be related. If you move your list values into a single SQL table or view, then setup Dynamic Fields to populate your fields this way, the option will be enabled. The option will show under the template configuration. Set the primary field as a parent field. All child fields will only display values where the parent field is the set value.

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replied on March 13

Thank you.  I did find this Laserfiche example,  However, the link to the article that is referenced in this example cannot be found,

Thanks again.

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