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Workflow definition has been deleted

asked on February 21, 2018

Hello All!


did anyone encountered this error message ?



every thing else is showing fine, but the workflow activities are not showing.

and everything related to the workflow in there in the database.


any idea ?


Thank you.

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replied on May 29, 2019 Show version history

We're seeing the same behaviour that John Pulman was after upgrading Workflow Designer to 10.4.  I'm investigating to see if I can figure out what is causing it.

Update: Reinstalling Workflow Designer solved this for us.

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replied on February 22, 2018

The definition is missing from the database. Workflow does not allow deleting workflows with running instances, so it looks like the database was modified directly outside of Workflow.

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replied on March 22, 2018 Show version history

Hi, did you get to the bottom of why this is happening? I'm getting the same thing. In Workflow Designer, when I try to open a running or recently finished workflow (e.g. by double-clicking a workflow instance listed from the 'last 15 minute' search results), I get that error message. I can see the info in the other tabs though, Details, Entries, Activities, Messages and conditions. When I try to open a workflow from rule manager ('open workflow'), nothing happens. There is no error message, but nothing opens. The workflows are all working as intended, but I just can't view the design or the workflow tab for the individual instances. The version I'm using is Workflow Designer

When I open Workflow Designer on the server, everything works OK.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, John

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