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Errors when launching LFScan.exe from the browser Web client 10.3

asked on February 13, 2018

I am getting the following errors when trying to launch LFScan.exe from the browser. I can duplicate this error with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

This is the 1st error when clicking on the Scan button.

This is the 2nd error when clicking on Ignore.


Laserfiche Web Client

10.3 (

Laserfiche Repository Access

Windows 7 PC logged on with admin rights

Any help is appreciated!


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replied on February 13, 2018 Show version history

The "empty response" error suggests that there is some kind of network problem between the client machine and the Web Access server, though I don't know why that wouldn't also affect the traffic from the browser.  Another possibility is that the response is some kind of error page that scanning is misinterpreting as empty.  Either way, I'd suggest opening a support case so that we can gather the relevant log files.

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