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Forms High Security Solution limited to Portal submission only?

asked on February 13, 2018

On page 10 of the "Forms in a DMZ" whitepaper it states "a public user accessing Forms through the Internet can only submit a form or start a process. They cannot do anything else through a public connection.":


So an anonymous user can only submit a form in the "high security solution"; but if a named user logs into the forms instance in the DMZ will they be able to perform other tasks like viewing their inbox; or can they only submit a form as well?  (In the "high security solution" can information only be submitted through the Forms DMZ instance for any user, or can information like a users task inbox be retrieved as well?)



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replied on February 22, 2018

Hi Jonathan,

You can only do form submission because "The SQL database in the DMZ stores the blank starting form definitions, but is scrubbed of process data" as said in the white paper.

If you would like named user to be able to view tasks, you need to keep the table related with submitted data in the DMZ, that is, the [cf_bp_data] table. In this way it's not "high-security" any more.

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