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Generate Pages (PDF) Mirroring Image

asked on February 13, 2018

I've run into this issue twice now where generating pages on a PDF actually creates a mirror image TIFF of what the PDF actually is.  It's strange.  I've run into it in 2 different scenarios, one where Forms is saving a PDF upload back to Laserfiche, it will automatically create tiff pages (Because the user it's saving with has that setting set) but the images will be a mirror image of the PDF.  Switching the import settings for this user to use Snapshot instead of Extract pages causes no images to be created at all (which is undesired).  The second is a client is simply right clicking -> generate pages on a pdf that was imported using the SDK.  Switching to snapshot does fix this issue, but unfortunately this client wants to generate the pages using the SDK on import (which works, just mirrors the image).  

Both of these seem strange and i'm not really sure how to get the images to generate properly, or why they're mirroring.  Aside from unchecking advanced print options in Snapshot which has occasionally worked for odd things like this, i'm not sure what to try.  There aren't really any options for how LF uses the "Extract pages" function on PDF's.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



Adobe reader DC installed

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replied on February 13, 2018

Please open a case with support so we can get a sample PDF to inspect.

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replied on July 17, 2018

Brandon, were you able to resolve this issue? 

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replied on August 28, 2018

Hi all,

We had the same issue and found that if the user change the PDF settings to import a monochrome image, it would import correctly.

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