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laserfiche 10.2 - Restrict File Extension Entry into Laserfiche Repository

asked on January 12

Is there a way to restrict users from allowing them to add certain extension into laserfiche repository?


Currently we only allow TIFF and PDF files in our repository but lately i been finding .MP3 files and PPT files in our repository. I would like to block all other extensions files from being allowed to be entered into laserfiche. Is this possible?

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replied on January 12

Laserfiche itself is pretty agnostic about the file types that it can work with. There are a few exceptions, such as images, office documents, or PDFs, but for the most part, you can attach anything. To my knowledge, there isn't a setting in the repository that would restrict specific file types.

I would recommend using workflow to do some vetting on documents that are added. You can do it two a couple of different ways. If you have a specific place that users scan into, say an intake folder, you can add some simple checks into existing workflows to check if an edoc exists, and then check the file extension. The Download Electronic Document activity returns an extension token.

Another option is that you can setup a scheduled workflow that does searches for new documents that have an electronic document, and then loop through them checking for file extensions. The For Each Entry activity can return an extension token.

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replied on January 12

The problem is that I have users that are directly importing into laserfiche using the Laserfiche Client. I wanted to block them from adding Word or MP3 files into the repository. 

That's a great idea to create a workflow that will show me the users that add files that are not PDF or tif.


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replied on January 13

I apologize, I wasn't clear about the intent of using Workflow. You could have a workflow that does any combination of things:

  • Outright delete the offending file
  • Report to you the particulars
  • Warn the offending user
  • After multiple warnings, report to the users' supervisor (this will require some persistent storage somewhere, like a database table)


Workflow enables Process Automation. So, whatever your normal process might be Workflow can help you automate that. While you might not be able to completely block them from adding these other files to the repository, you can certainly make sure that those files are dealt with appropriately. Plus, Workflow can do all of that while you are on vacation. :)

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