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Windows user name in Form

asked on January 12 Show version history

Hello Experts,

Looking for information to implement in Form process. One of the parameters is a Full name of the logged in user. I've created a field, set default to {/_currentuser_display} and it sets value properly first time. But then form is going through the process and when next user opens it the default shows name of the first user who loaded the form initially. I've tried to copy the value from the default field and clear it out using javascript so it's empty when form loads, still does not work

Am I missing something?


Form version is 10.2 

Thank  you very much for help,


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replied on January 15

Hi Vladimir,

The fastest way to do it is to create for each process step a different form. The main difference between these forms should be a field for the current username (create a new variable for each form).

Don't forget to set the default value to {/_currentuser_display} for all the current username fields.

Good luck.

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replied on January 12

Hi Vladimir,

Do you want to display the name of the user who's working with the form regardless of who was the submitter?

Thanks for clarifying.

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replied on January 15

That is correct Henry, current user working on the form.

Thank you,


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replied on January 16

Thank you Henry,

It is one of the ways of doing it however it is not efficient. The process can go in the loop and in the second retry the system will face the same issue. I'll try to avoid it completely by using Roles and Filters.


Best Regards,

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replied on January 17


I found a way to do it in javascript by using : 


But the problem is that we need to enable Windows Authentication in IIS and disable the Forms Authentication which is not compatible with Laserfiche Forms.

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