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Quick Fields Agent Error

asked on January 5, 2018

I am getting an error when running QF sessions in Quick Fields Agent 10.0.

When running directly in Quick Fields 10.1, there is no error.
This session also previously ran fine in QF 8.3.
Here are the error details:

<Error Time="01/05/2018 20:04:17" Type="NullReferenceException" Message="Object reference not set to an instance of an object.">
  <HelpLink />
  <Trace>   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.QFSessionManager.UpdateRecentSessionList()
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.QFSessionManager.UpdateSessionInfo(ISession session, SaveSessionOptions options)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.QFSessionFactory.OnAfterSaveSession(ISession session, SaveSessionOptions options)
   at Laserfiche.BatchProcessor.Runtime.SessionFactory.SaveSession(ISession session, String filePath, SaveSessionOptions options)
   at Laserfiche.BatchProcessor.BPManager.SaveSession(ISession session, String filePath, SaveSessionOptions options, Boolean isRemotePublish)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.QFSessionProcessor.SaveCurrentSession(String path, Boolean saveAs, Boolean isRemotePublish)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.QFSessionProcessor.SaveSessionSafe()
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.QFApplicationUnattended.StartProcessing()
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.QFApplicationUnattended.OnRun()</Trace>

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replied on January 5, 2018

See KB 1013873 where it states

An "Object not set to an instance of an object" error no longer appears when Quick Fields Agent runs, processes, and stores documents corrrectly. (155243, 144961, 26442)

Try applying that hotfix and see if it addresses the problem.

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replied on January 8, 2018

Thank you Alex!

I applied the HotFixes and no longer get the error messages.


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replied on January 5, 2018

I'd need more detail about the situation to give you a good answer.

I can give you a starting point.

When I run into problems like this, the session running fine when a user is running it manually, but the same session fails when running under QF Agent, most of the time it's a conflict between the QF session settings and the Windows account that the QF Agent services is running under. 

Situations like Windows Login is used for accessing the repository in the session options, and the account running QF Agent doesn't have the right to access the repository. Or the session pulls scans from a network share that the user manually running the session does have the right to, but the account running QF Agent does not. 

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replied on January 5, 2018 Show version history

Thank you Glen

This session also currently runs fine in QF 8.3 & QFA on a different server.  The Windows account used is the same network administrator.


I passed the question to my VAR, so you may be hearing from them shortly.

Thanks, Howard


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