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Audit by specific Entry ID

asked on January 4

Unless my memory is failing me, there used to be a way to filter a search by a specific Entry ID. Now when I try to add a filter, it doesn't give me an "Is equal to." Instead I get the options as shown below. Am I missing something? I don't want to use the "is greater than or equal to" or "is less than or equal to" as this gives me multiple other documents that I'm not interested in.




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replied on January 4

It should work just using the 'In' criteria. 

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replied on January 11

Thank you Blake. I was thrown off by the 'In' as opposed to 'Is'.

Of note, while watching a training video on Audit Trail Overview at, I found an even easier way to do this. At the 1:36 mark, it states that new in Laserfiche 10.2 (we recently upgraded), is the ability to run reports on specific entries directly from the Web Client as shown in the screenshot below.





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