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"Refine Search" option after Connector Search

asked on December 7, 2017

Hi All,

One of our clients has noticed that after performing a search via the Laserfiche Connector, the "Refine Search" option isn't available at the bottom of the advanced search pane in the LF Client. It seems that the LF Client isn't actually 'aware' that a search has been carried out, as none of the options in the pane reflect the search that has just been performed (other than the Search Syntax) - they just remember the user's last manual search.

In the above, the search syntax is correct (i.e. the same as what I've set in the Connector Profile), but the template search is just from the last time I had the Client open.

We see the same behaviour when using the LF.exe -S"SearchSyntax" parameter so I'm guessing this is how the Connector runs the search? Does anyone know if there's a way to make the search pane reflect the Connector/Parameter search options, or if not could we raise this as a feature request?

Thanks in advance! laugh


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replied on December 7, 2017

This is a limitation of running an advanced search from outside the windows client, we will look into allowing the "refine results" command in this situation (bug# 58963).

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