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Field lookup with double quotes in input value

asked on December 6 Show version history

We have a form with multiple lookup rules that accept user input from text fields.  They behave as expected until the input value contains double quotes.  More confusing to us is that the field lookup will return a value if there is only one set of double quotes.

User input of ' The "Th ' will return both ' The "Thing" About That' and ' The "Theory" of Constraints ', but if a user submits ' The "Thing" ', the filed lookup returns no values.

We're using stored procedures as the data source.  The stored procedures execute as expected for all of these example values when executed in SQL Server Management Studio.  It looks like Forms is doing something unanticipated when it hits the second double quote in the string.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Do you have a solution?

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replied on December 6

I didn't realise this was a thing. I've tested what you described and I have the same issue. Forms doesn't even attempt the lookup if there are 2 double quote characters present.

A bit of research turned up this:

Specifically this line:

  • Forms lookup data will now successfully download locally when data includes quotation marks. (155913)

So basically to fix this you need to update to 10.2.1

Hope that helps.

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replied on December 7


Thanks for validating that we're not alone in this.

We're on Forms already, so at least for us the problem still exists at that rev.

If you run across anything else that might be helpful, please pass it along.  If we find a solutions, I'll update the thread.

Thanks again.

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