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New User Resource: Getting Started With Laserfiche Guide

posted on October 25, 2017

Introducing the Getting Started with Laserfiche Guide! Laserfiche has released the perfect resource to help new users hit the ground running and bring more experienced users up to speed on the newest features and interfaces.

This easy-to-use quick start guide covers the most common Laserfiche  features by demonstrating how to:

  • Navigate the interface
  • Capture documents into Laserfiche
  • Search for documents
  • And more!


In an effort to make it as user friendly as possible, this guide incorporates screenshots and/or videos on each topic.

Download the guide here and share it with your coworkers!

Did you find this user guide useful? Do you have ideas on topics to cover in future guides? Leave a comment below.



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replied on December 11, 2017

What version of LF is this made for? Looking at the eBook there are differences to some of the things shown, than what I have and I am running 10.1. 

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replied on December 11, 2017

It was made with Laserfiche 10.2 but some of the videos may show older versions of Laserfiche. The concepts shown in the videos are similar.

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replied on December 11, 2017

Thanks, Joanna.

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