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Connector: Edit Metadata Before Import

asked on October 17, 2017

I would like to request that a function allowing users to select metadata from an assigned template be added to the Import function for Laserfiche Connector.

Five Financial Services clients have so far requested this feature after presenting the same challenge; When using Connector to import documents, they apply a metadata template and populate the fields with information from their CRM, but are unable to select a Document Type before the document is stored in the repository. As a result, they have to either create a profile for each Document Type, or import the document into a temporary folder, and then select the Document Type manually once the document is already in the repository. Neither of these options is as convenient as being able to select the Document Type before the document is stored, like they can do with a Scanning profile.

This is especially inconvenient for Laserfiche Cloud clients who can not use Workflow to automate the filing of the document after it is imported.

Could an option be added for the Import profile allowing for users to modify specified metadata fields before the document is stored?

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replied on October 17, 2017

Laserfiche Connector 10.3 will have this feature. There is an option to edit the values before completing the profile action. The user will see a grid of values that can be edited before continuing.

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