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Laserfiche Participant Accounts

asked on October 11, 2017

Dear all,


I will like create Laserfiche managed accounts using participant licenses. I wanted to know if there is any department field or a field that I can use to associate a department to this account.

When creating a form I would like to have the username and the respective department displayed.


Best Regards,



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replied on October 12, 2017

It can be achieved using Forms lookup rule. You can encode person-department mapping in a sql table or anything supported by ODBC connector. Using a unique key, such as email address, Forms can lookup and populate department information in the form.

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replied on October 13, 2017

Hi Zian,


If I understand correctly, I might create the email address on LFDS which will be used as the username. Then I create a table with the same 'email adds' along with the respective department. When I login with the email address, I will be able to display this username on the form and can perform a lookup for the department information in the form based on this username.




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