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Is there a way to autopopulate the docusign recipient name and email from document's metadata?

asked on October 5, 2017

We have a document we need to send to a client for docusigning. We select the document, select "request signature with docusign" and a dialog box opens.

This dialogue asks for the recipient's name and email, both as required fields (since we set that in the DocuSign template).

However, this information is already on the document's metadata. Is there a way to "map" the two so the user doesn't have to do double data entry?

What if it's a collection? For example, multiple recipients, multiple name and email pairs. How do we map that to the docusign dialogue?

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replied on October 23, 2017

Web Access cannot currently automatically fill the DocuSign dialogue with document metadata.  However, the web client can access your DocuSign address book to facilitate auto-completion of names and email addresses.  When a user selects the “Name” field in the dialogue, a drop-down will appear with the names of all users in the DocuSign address book (see the image below).

When one of these names is selected, the email field will automatically populate with the corresponding email address from your address book.

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replied on October 23, 2017

OK. Unfortunately that is not very useful for our client, because they will be using DocuSign for new customer onboarding documents, and new customers by definition will not yet be in the DocuSign address book. So we're trying to avoid users from having to enter the information twice - once in the Laserfiche document metadata, and then again in the DocuSign settings.

It would be great if you could add this as a feature request.

Is there a way to get the recipient names and addresses from DocuSign as tokens after the request is made? Basically, the user enters recipient info into the DocuSign dialogue, clicks "request signature", then grabs the info from the DocuSign callback (part of the "envelope sent" event) and plugs it into the metadata?

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