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collections with radio buttons, alignment

asked on August 10

I have these 2 radio button objects (Relationship and Gender) on a collection that looks like this:


I am interested in getting them to be align beside each other, like this:


Here is the Inspector of these objects:



All the CSS code I have used has not worked.

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replied on August 10

I'm not sure what field numbers your radio button fields are, but this worked for me:

/* Display Fields Inline */
#q138, #q139 {display:inline-block;width:50%; vertical-align:top}

/* Format Collection Fields Appearance */
#q138 label {width: 50%;}
#q138 .cf-field {width: 150px;}
#q138 .cf-medium {width: 100%;}

#q139 label {width: 50%;}
#q139 .cf-field {width: 150px;}
#q139 .cf-medium {width: 100%;}

Replace the Field Numbers with your own.  You also may need to tinker with spacing a bit.

My CSS above produced this for me:


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