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Laserfiche JAVA SDK Question

asked on August 10

Hello Laserfiche Team

We are trying to consolidate technology stack for our custom Laserfiche Utility and planning to upgrade Laserfiche SDK from 9.2 to 10.2. Our current custom utility is in part JAVA and part .NET due to some limitation with Laserfiche JAVA SDK. Please see the old posts way back in 2012 & 2015 about the JAVA SDK and records management actions and it’s limitation.

 So is there any upgrade or enhancement in Laserfiche JAVA SDK 10.2 to support the record series/folder creation and records management actions now with the newer version ? If yes, can you please share any Laserfiche JAVA SDK documentation ?  

Just to brief on our custom utility which...

1) Looks for the files and folders on the physical drive

2) Reads document status data from our custom database and

3) Creates entry in Laserfiche document repository. 

  • Creates Record Series
  • Creates Record Folder
  • Associate Cutoff and Retention criteria templates to Record Series and Record Folder
  • Copy/move documents from physical drive to respective folder in Laserfiche repository
  • Set the document dates based on our custom database values.

To achieve above mentioned functionality, we have a mix of .NET and JAVA code (due to JAVA SDK limitation). We are wanted to achieve the same using only JAVA SDK. 

Appreciate any input on the same.

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replied on August 10

There are no changes to the records management functionality in the Java SDK for 10.2. See the list of changes.

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