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Feature Request: Import Agent Post-Processing Options

posted on August 1, 2017 Show version history


I'd like to request/propose a couple of additions/enhancements to the Import Agent, specifically in the post-processing options.

  1. Provide access to the same tokens/variables that are available in the "Properties" section.
  2. Introduce an automated/scheduled cleanup process for the post-processing folder for successful imports


Our use case for these is that we currently have around 30 import profiles bringing in thousands of documents each week.

We are required to maintain backup copies for at least 6 months, and they accumulate rather quickly.


1) A date token for use in the post-processing paths would be exceptionally useful by consolidating imported files and simplifying cleanup processes.

For example, we could have processed files grouped into sub folders by username, date, datetime, etc. rather than just the import sub folder name.


2) An additional option (extending deleted/moved to) with options to delete files that have not been modified in X days, months, etc. could prove incredibly valuable.

Import Agent already has this kind of ability to some degree as it can check file modification times to satisfy import rules, but obviously extending to include processed documents would be a change.

Expanding the post-processing options to include a "delete unmodified documents after # hours/days/months" when "moved to" is selected could be very valuable, especially in our situation, and it would add an additional level of self-maintenance to the Import Agent.

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replied on April 30, 2018

I have Import Agent I do not see these features available. Is there a plan to add these enhancements in the near future?

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replied on April 30, 2018

10.3 has these features smiley

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replied on August 1, 2017

Hi Jason,

It is a good enhancement. Added to our backlog and should be available in the next release of Import Agent.

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