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FEATURE REQUEST: Laserfiche phone app search optimization

asked on July 4, 2017

Hi Team, 


Was wondering if this is possible? or to be considered in the next phone application release. 

We have a client who has over 1000 folders in one main folder (Based on their client codes), and what seems to happen is, when he goes in to find a client starting with "S", he needs to scroll down for about 5 minutes to get to that letter then have the option to Star it so it is then possible for him to see.


We were wondering if it would be possible to have the Alphabet letters on the right side of the Application screen so the user is able to just select the letter they are after and it goes straight to that area of the folder?







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replied on July 6, 2017

Hi Ziad,

That's a good idea. We are currently working on sorting options for repository. When sorting a-z, we can add this feature you mentioned.

Thank you.


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replied on July 6, 2017

Hi All,


Are there any updates on this? any feedback would be appreciated? 




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