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Programmatically Set Inherit Rights From Parent on Entry

asked on June 16

We are trying to programmatically set the “Inherit rights from parent and include specific rights” option on an entry. We have successfully set the individual Access Rights such as “Read”, “Browse”, etc. but cannot find a way to remove the “Inherit…” option on a newly created entry. We are Using SDK v10 RA. Thanks!


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replied on June 16

In order to change the state of this, you want to call SetAccessRuleProtection() on the EntrySecurity object, passing true for the first argument to disable inheritance (or false to re-enable it).

You'll generally want to pass false for the second argument -- my understanding is that if it is true and you're disabling inheritance, it will copy the existing ACEs that apply to the entry via inheritance and then apply them directly.  I'm not sure if it does anything when re-enabling inheritance.

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replied on July 6

Thanks Andrew!

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